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What’s the Difference between a Toner Cartridge and a Drum Unit?

If you have a laser printer, you must be familiar with toner cartridges, but you may not as familiar with drum units. So today, we’d like to talk about the difference between a toner cartridge and a drum unit.

First, let’s see the definitions. A toner cartridge is the container of toner powder, and a drum unit is the electrically charged cylinder that transfers toner powder to paper to create text and images.

Both toner cartridge and drum unit are essential for a printer, but you may need to replace your drum unit occasionally or you may never have to replace a drum unit. Why? Because a drum unit can be incorporated with a toner cartridge or sold separately with a toner cartridge, it all depends on the consumable requirements of your printer. Some laser printers only need to replace toner cartridge while others need you to replace both toner cartridge and drum unit. Before making a replacement, it would be better to consult to your printer’s user manual to learn what consumables are suitable for your device.

For example, if you have an HP laser printer, the drum unit is incorporated within the toner cartridge, then there’s no need to replace the drum unit separately. If you own a Brother laser printer, you may need to replace the drum unit occasionally, because most Brother laser printers are using a separate toner and drum unit. Separate drum units last a little longer than a toner cartridge, usually you need to replace them after the use of 3 or 4 toners.

Then you may ask, what if a use a printer without a drum unit? Well, without the drum unit, toner powder in a cartridge will not be transferred onto paper. Only cartridge and drum work together can create printouts.

You may also wonder which type of printer is better. To be honest, there’s no real winner as a “better” printer. Printers which use toner with an incorporated drum unit work as well as printers use a separate toner and drum.

The best way to distinguish tn760 toner incorporated with dr730 drum and toner separated with drum is to learn which suits for your printer and your budgets. Know the model of your printer, and make a budget for the replacement you’re planning to buy, then you can make a right choice.

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Do Cheap Compatible Printer Toners Suck?

Do you own a laser printer yourself?
Do you have a large demand of prints to consume many toners a month?
Do you still cost lots of money on original consumables?
Do you reject to apply compatible toner cartridge convince that it sucks?

Do you know what a toner really is? According to the entry from Wikipedia, toner is a powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper, in general with a toner cartridge. In its early form it was a mix of carbon powder and iron oxide. Then, to improve the quality of the printout, the carbon was melt-mixed with a polymer. Toner particles are melted by the heat of the fuser, and are thus bonded to the paper.

There comes another question: Why can’t we just buy powder instead of a whole toner cartridge? Because it’s much more convenient to use a whole case rather than refill when it’s run out. On the other hand, power is made of carbon and organic polymers. You yourself refill a toner may cause leakage of power. Then when it’s working in high temperature, organic polymers might generate harmful gas to people. Therefore, the proper way to replace your consumables is to buy a new case with a toner in general.

But here we come back to the issue: high expense on consumables. According to Amazon’s listing: a pack of original HP CF217A prices at $62.99 while a compatible toner cartridges brand of inkesale offers at $29.69. It’s easy to tell that originals are more expensive than compatibles. If you print a lot, that must be quite a cost. So have you ever considerate compatibles for your laser printer? What’s the reason you refuse to use a compatible toner?

As a matter of fact, remanufacturers produce toners under the same technical standards, but with different materials, including quality of the power and material of the toner. However, that doesn’t make a real difference on price. It truly differentiates from techniques and brand popularity. Original manufacturers spend more money on product development and advertisement, technological advantages help them build up monopoly in the market right from the beginning and earn to equal the outputs. With techniques and market grows, imitate manufacturers are able to produce almost the same toners as the original one. Due to occupation of marketplace, these manufacturers have less brand awareness. Therefore, they lower price to attract sales. Meanwhile, originals’ do lots of advertisement and promotion. That said, sometimes you pay more for originals because of their high marketing fees.

So what would you like to choose for your printers again, Compatible toner cartridges or original ones? Be smart.

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